Skye in every episode: RagTag (1x21) | part 1

Anonymous said:
Yes it's me (I'm ashamed) and you were really helpful because I was confused and I'm the same fan who asked you a lot about her britney cover but now I'm ok I know where this video is. I love her friends and first when I followed her I was really happy to see her with them but after a while nothing with them and just with Austin so I was really disappointed. So I loved when I saw new photos with them because they're so fun together.

You don’t need to be!!! I’m happy you’re back :) I love her friends but it’s really hard to find people who know them and like to talk about them and Chloe, like you and i do. So i’m glad i have a person who love her with her friends as much as i do!! I think she’ll hang out with them more but maybe just not now because of the work. But she’s always talking to them. Like the picture she posted, Jordan made two comments and i think she might see him soon because he’s from Texas. And oh, sorry for the delay, i’m studying

Anonymous said:
Good because I didn't want to upset you. You're my source n°1 for Chloe but I understand you have a life. And I don't get why some people need to insult you. Yes if he makes her happy it's good but I'm sad because with him, we won't see her with her best friends. I was glad to have photos with her best friends again and they give me a smile but now it'll be just with Austin like before and I'm a little disappointed even if I understand.

You’re so sweet, thanks!! I know, and i love her with her friends :( But maybe she will try to hang out with them a little more? Let’s hope because i need it, i need Chloe interacting with her friends because i love them!! Yeah, i understand you. You’re the anon who i was talking about her friends a time ago?

Anonymous said:
I'm the anon who said I think she is back with Austin. But I didn't want to insult you. I know everyone has a life beside fangirling about Chloe. I hope I didn't upset you, I didn't want that. And when you're so happy, I'm so happy for her too but he seems to break up a lot with his girlfriends.

It wasn’t you baby, it was just another anon but i’m not going to answer his ask. You didn’t upset me!! I love her with Austin, they’re so cute and he seems to make her really happy. I know, i know him for a long time, i watched One Tree Hill and i followed all the Sophia/Austin thing. But there’s nothing we can do about it, unfortunately

Anonymous said:
They broke up? Do you know why?

Yes, they did. And no, i don’t know why

Anonymous said:
I think she is because she is Austin (Texas) where he is from and with him. We have a photo where they are together with some fans.

Yeah, i just saw the pic!!! I was in school and just got home, so i’m updated now haha i’m SO HAPPY

Anonymous said:
Is Chloe back with Austin?

i don’t know???? because now we have a picture of them so yes???? i’m confused

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